Intuitive Performance Solutions has partnered with industry leaders specializing in delivering value-added solutions. With decades of experience in implementing software solutions, we have an enviable reputation in the consulting industry for being on time and on budget, project after project.



In every IPS project, our emphasis is quality, value and customer satisfaction through performance enhancing technologies. Clients and partners alike appreciate our ability to provide solutions strictly relevant to their needs. These clients benefit from the business and technical expertise of our veteran consultants.

Through our extensive industry knowledge and real-world experiences, our consultants clearly grasp and understand our clients’ business needs. Applying this understanding to our customers’ business issues allows us to guide our clients towards the creation of optimal solutions while simultaneously leveraging any and all existing investments in established analytical tools.



Part of being successful with any new implementation is training.  Intuitive Performance Solutions will develop and implement training programs to insure that your solutions can be utilized to the fullest by your management and employees.  We do on-site, online,  and blended training that may include several elements based on your unique business needs.  Even if you have unique training challenges, we can help!